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Nassiriyah Sewerage Scheme
Nassiriyah Sewerage Scheme

Sewage treatment plant, trunk sewers and network including manufacture supply and laying of precast concrete pipes and supply & installation of AC Pipes.

Earthwork 350,000cum
Concrete 15,000 cum
ACPipes 53 Km, upto 600 mm dia
RCC Pipes 11 Km, upto 1650 mm dia
Sedimentation Tanks 3 Nos. 24 M dia
Biological Filters 3 Nos. 31 M dia
Humus Tanks 3 Nos. 24 M dia
Digestions Tanks 2 Nos. 16 M dia
Purpose To provide sewage treatment and disposal facilities for the city of Nassiriyah
Client Ministry of Housing & Construction, State Contracting Company for Water & Sewerage project, Republic, Republic of Iraq.

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