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Vishakhapatnam Outer Harbour Project
Vishakhapatnam Outer Harbour Project, India

Construction of Outer Harbour Project for berthing deep draft vessels upto 200,000 DWT. The works consisted of 3500 M long Rubble Mound Breakwaters in water depth from 8 M to 18 M below MSL, approx. 1500 M length of Sea Wall, Reclamation Bund and Groynes, 200,000 DWT Ore Berth including Mooring Dolphins and Approach Jetty and various land based works for construction of Precast Concrete Yard for Casting Armour blocks from 35 MT to 50 MT and Loading Jetty construction. A large fleet of floating craft and other equipment, e.g. floating crane with a lifting capacity of 50 MT and deck load capacity of 1,000 MT, 750 cum Hydroclapp Hopper Barges, 400 MT Flat Top Pontoons, 30 MT Crawler Cranes, 50 MT Gantry Cranes and other electronic positioning devices were extensively used for the construction of breakwaters.

  • Rock quarrying & Placement : 2,500,000 cum
  • Concrete 400,000 cum
  • Purpose Creation of deep water harbour For berthing ships upto 2,00,000 DWT
  • Client Vishakhapatnam Port Trust, Andhra Pradesh, India

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