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Bharti Shep
Barthi HEP , India (IPP)

The company as an Independent Power Producer has acquired Bharti HEP on BOOT basis in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.

The projects includes construction of Weir, Intake , Desilting chamber cum Forebay, Penstock, surface Power House, and Tail race channel.

Type Run off the river
Design discharge 0.32 cumecs
Weir length 1.0 m (W) x10 m (L)
Desilting Tank cum Forebay 4.0 m (W) x 2.0 m (D) x 20 m (L)
Penstock 500 mm dia, 800 m long
Power House Surface- 17.5 m (L) x 9 m(W)
Gross Head 381 m
Net head 371 m

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