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Chaksi -II HEP , India (IPP)

The company as an Independent Power Producer has acquired Chaksi HEP on BOOT basis in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.

The projects includes construction of Weir, Intake , Desilting chamber, Forebay, Penstock, Surface Power House, Tail race tunnel and Tail race channel. The project is expected to be commissioned by 2018.

Type Run off the river
Design discharge 1.32 cumecs
Weir length 1.5 m (W) x10 m (L)
Desilting Tank 3.5 m (W) x 3.5 m (D) x 20 m (L)
Forebay Tank 4.5 m (W) x 2.0 m (D) x 20 (L)
Penstock 750 mm dia, 960 m long
Power House Surface- 25 m (L) x 16 m(W)
Gross Head 344.10 m
Net head 334.62 m

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