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Gandak Railway Project
Gandak Railway Project, India

Continental Construction Limited was awarded the Contracts for the works in Connection with restoration of rail link between Chhutauni in Uttar Pradesh and Bagah in Bihar Comprising a rail-cum road bridge 986 m (14 spans of 64 meters each ) long on well foundations, river training works including spurs & guide bunds of flume the river from 9 km to 1 km regime width,  approach banks of a 8.53 km length incorporation extensive aprons and riprap pitching, turfing on bio-degradable geo-jute grids on the upper reaches of slopes, brick lined drains and top filters.

Earthwork in filling 16, 10, 000 cum
Filter material 25,000 cum
Boulder pitching & apron 76,000 cum
Drainage works 3,000 RM
Sausage Crates 1, 47, 000 cum
Pointing 85,000 cum
Turfing 67,000 cum
WBM on top of guide bund 3,355 cum
Client North Eastern Railway,Gorakhpur (U.P.)

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