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Karkh Water Supply Scheme
Karkh Water Supply Scheme, Iraq

1365 MLD turnkey project including investigation, process design and construction of civil works, erection and supervision of electro-mechanical plant for the headworks, transmission & distribution system, trial run and commissioning. Major components of the work consisted of river intake, pumping stations, raw water pumping line, treatment works including presettlement tanks, clarifiers, filter blocks, chlorine contact tank, treated water reservoirs, chemical building, ductile iron transmission pipeline, trunk and distribution networks, service reservoirs, area development, landscaping and infrastructure works.

Intake & Raw water 66.5M x 14.5M x 17M

Pump House  
Raw Water Pumping Line 3x2 Km long, 1800 mm dia ductile iron pipes
Presettlement Tanks 3 Nos., 110M x 67M x 21.6M
Clarifiers Three streams of 6 circular tanks, each 53M dia and 11M deep
Filters 3 Nos., 150M x 125M x 5.3M
Treated Water Reservoirs 210M x 98M x 5.4M & 100M x 100M x 5.4
Treated Water 67M x 15M x 17M
Pumping Station  
Chemical Building 241M x 79M with height from 8.5M to 25M
Transmission pipeline 2x40 M x 79M with height from 8.5 M to 25 M

Cross River Link 28 Km of 1600 mm & 1400 mm dia ductile iron pipes Concrete 500,000 cum Earthwork 8,000,000 cum Reinforcement Steel 82,000 MT Foundation Piles 50,000 Nos. Purpose Supply of potable water to the city of Baghdad Client Baghdad Water Supply Administration, Baghdad

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