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Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant, India

Construction of inflow channels, pretreators (20 Nos.) including settling tanks, launder systems, auxiliary weir structures, sludge discharge systems, sludge chambers (20 Nos.), sludge lagoons, distribution chamber, recirculation pump house, access road, surface drainage system, grading & land scaping.

  • Excavation 850,000 cum
  • Concrete 140,000 cum
  • Under Ground Pipeworks
  • Spun Concrete Pipelaying 150 mm to 1500 mm dia 3.07 Kms.
  • Porous Pipelaying 250 mm dia 11.35 Kms.
  • Purpose Augmentation of water supply for Bombay
  • Client Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay, Bombay, India

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