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Maneri Bhali Hydro Electric Project
Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Project, India

39 metre high concrete Diversion Dam/Barrage across River Bhagirathi, intake structure, desilting basin and hoppers, 6 metre finished diameter headrace tunnel, rock excavation, foundation treatment, grouting, coffer dam, river diversion and appurtenant works at Uttarkashi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tunnel 6 M dia, 4,500 M long
Open Excavation 635,000 cum
Tunnel Excavation 203,000 cum
Concrete 322,000 cum
Reinforcement Steel 7,320 MT
Concrete Tunnel Lining 54,000 cum
Drilling 100,000 M
Cement Grouting 8,750 MT
Concrete Diversion Dam 5 bays of 13 M each having 4 M thick piers
Intake 8 bays of 8 M each
Sedimentation Tanks 98 Hoppers, 13Mx13M
Purpose Hydro Power Generation (304 MW)
Client Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India

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