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Wadi Ghan Dam
Wadi Ghan Dam

Turnkey project consisting of rockfill dam, RCC intake tower shaft, spillway, diversion tunnel, extensive foundation treatment, roads and supply & erection of electro-mechanical equipment in Wadi-Al-Hira, Near Gharyan, Recent Projects(North Africa).

Crest Length 325 M
Dam Height 85 M
Excavation 1,838,000 cum
Fills 1,650,000 cum
Drilling 136,000 M
Concrete 120,000 cum
Reinforcement Steel 2,300 MT
Grouting (Cement, Clay, Bentonite and Silica Gel) 25,000 MT
Intake Tower 74 M high with intake gates at four levels
Tunnel 9.5 M Finished dia, 410 M long
Galleries 870 M long (1.8 to 3.5 M dia)
Road 14 Km long
Purpose Irrigation
Client Secretariat of Agricultural Development and Land Reforms, Water and Soil Department, Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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